Ain't that peculiar?

Siemanko. My name's Iga. I'm 19-year-old girl from Poland (it's that poor, grey country in Middle Europe where everyone's sad and dirty). My blog contains all things I love or things that inspire me. If you're prepared for LOTS of pictures of David Sylvian or Rob Smith then welcome and enjoy ♥


Kanki Jinja Reisai Matsuri 2014: Maiko Tomitae (Tomikiku) (SOURCE)

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"I don’t believe in being taken up too high or taken down too low, because at some point or another you’re going to swing back the other way."

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I wanna go to sleep but I never want to wake up

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The Rolling Stones, 1974. Charlie is not amused.

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there is a reason I’m single and it’s called my face

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